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I am a professional singer, offering singing and breathwork sessions, with a particular focus on supporting health and wellbeing.

I believe wholeheartedly in a compassionate approach, gently facilitating exploration of the voice and the breath, helping to build confidence and a sense of empowerment. Sessions are available for children, young people and adults.  

For more information or enquiries please email or go to the Contact page


"Claire's breathwork class was everything I hoped it would be and more... I left feeling relaxed as well as energised for the day. Claire's lovely nature will immediately make you feel welcome and at ease..."


"Claire was amazing...I would recommend anyone looking to get into any form of breathwork to take

the four week introduction course"

"Claire has a warm and supportive manner when sharing Breath-Body-Mind practices.  I found her a very patient and caring teacher" 


"Having sung with Claire for five years (from the ages of 13-18) there was nothing I needed more at that pivotal time in my life .....Claire’s lessons helped me to break that perpetual cycle of self-doubt"

"After my trial lesson, I knew I had to continue my journey singing with Claire. I've had singing lessons before, but Claire's approach was different - and it worked the best for voice development and joy in making music"

"I can’t praise Claire’s singing tuition highly enough. She is extremely encouraging and has increased my confidence in my singing voice enormously"

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