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"Holding all of the fear and self-judgment that one usually has as a young singer and even as a young adult, Claire’s lessons helped me to break that perpetual cycle of self-doubt." 

Compassion is at the heart of my teaching style. I believe strongly that empathy and kindness are key to being able to help a client improve their voice, grow in confidence and access a deeper, healing breath. Whether you are an experienced singer looking to progress, or a complete beginner keen to explore your voice, I am dedicated to offering a supportive, caring approach to support your wellbeing. I cover all different vocal styles, from Music Theatre and Pop to Classical, and I am experienced in preparing students for all of the exam boards. 


The last decade has seen extensive research into the mental and physical health benefits that singing can offer. As part of my MA in Singing for Health I am ​studying the latest research as well as working to produce my own research to add to the discipline. The sessions I offer are not a form of psychological therapy, but instead are designed to offer clients the opportunity to grow their voice and confidence, to develop tools to support their health and to express emotions in a creative way. Research has shown that potential benefits of singing include:

  • Emotional Release

  • Lifting of Mood

  • Self-Expression

  • Learning to Breathe more effectively

  • Cognitive Stimulation

  • Development of Confidence

  • Postural Improvements

  • Vocal Assurance

  • Encourages a state of flow

Before your first session, I will ask you to fill in a small questionnaire to give me a flavour of what you are hoping to gain from our sessions, and to guide me as to where to place focus. Whilst a session is individually tailored to each person, their needs, and their voice, an example session might include the following:

  • Exercises to aid relaxation and to bring awareness to the body and breath

  • Breathing exercises to help deepen and extend the breath

  • Gently introducing the use of the voice alongside a regulated, slowing of the in and out breath 

  • Vocal warm-ups and exercises to help extend vocal range and freedom of the voice

  • Working together to find song repertoire suited to the voice and to encourage emotional release

  • Approaches to increase vocal self-confidence and self-compassion

What to expect from a Singing session 

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