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4 Session 'Introduction to Breathwork' Course

Available to book for Health Settings and Organisations

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The way we breathe can have a profound impact on multiple aspects of our Physical and Mental Health. Many people have never been taught to breathe in a way that is beneficial for health and the additional impact of our stress-fuelled lives means that our breathing patterns are becoming shallower and faster, negatively affecting overall health. 

This 4 session course introduces participants to the core Breath-Body-Mind practices (, and is the perfect introduction to breathwork, giving tools to enhance, slow and deepen the breath, balancing the nervous system and bolstering wellbeing.


The course is ideal for adults in health, education or business settings. The Breathwork sessions can be held in person or online, depending on preference and circumstances. To discuss booking the course for your organisation, please use the                  form.


Course Details


The course includes 4 x 1 hour breathwork sessions, introductory health questionnaire, weekly email 'check in', and guidance for weekly home practice.


Each 1 hour session includes:

  • An introduction to the session focus, with key points of scientific understanding

  • Teaching and practice of breathing/movement patterns

  • Core coherent breathing practice 

  • Relaxation

  • Opportunity for questions/discussion

Client feedback from 4 Week Course

"The course has taught me that I can access calm through breathwork when I need it the most"

"Every Sunday I have gone home feeling

very calm and relaxed"

"The practices have helped me feel calmer and clearer in my thoughts"

"The chimes breathing exercise helped me to relax and I have used it as a sleep technique"

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