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"Claire's class was everything I hoped it would be and more...I left feeling relaxed as well as energised for the day. Claire's lovely nature will immediately make you feel welcome and at ease..."

I am a certified Level 2 Breath-Body-Mind teacher. The Breath-Body-Mind programme of breathwork and movement practices have been developed by Dr Richard Brown, Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, Columbia University, NY, and Dr Patricia Gerbarg, Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, New York Medical College. The practices unite evidence-based science and ancient wisdoms, blending elements of pranayama, qigong, meditation and relaxation with core breathing patterns.

My years of performing and teaching singing have also informed my understanding of the breath, the ways in which we can consciously extend the breath and breathe with optimal use of the diaphragm. Whether your focus is on reducing anxiety, helping sleeplessness or improving focus/energy levels, I can help you learn to breathe more effectively and become confident in Breath-Body-Mind techniques that support your Physical and Mental Wellbeing. Research indicates that BBM practices can help:

  • Reduce Stress/Anxiety

  • Increasing feelings of Calm

  • Improve Autonomic Nervous System Balance

  • Improve Heart Rate Variability

  • Enhance Concentration

  • Aid Emotional Balance

  • Improve Sleep issues

  • Reduce PTSD symptoms

What to expect from a Breathwork session 

Before your first session, I will ask you to fill in a small questionnaire to give me a flavour of what you are hoping to gain from our sessions, and to guide me as to where to place focus. One-to-one sessions allow me to concentrate purely on your breathing style, and to adapt exercises and techniques to support you individually. Group sessions are designed to support the mixed needs of the group, and guidance is given as to when and how to adapt exercises to suit different requirements. An example Breathwork session might include the following:

  • ​Movement exercises to energise the body

  • Gentle Qi-gong inspired movement practices, combined with pacing of the breath to balance the nervous system

  • Pranayama techniques such as alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) to help promote calm

  • Coherent Breathing Practice - pacing the breath with an equal inhalation and exhalation ratio, guided gently by my voice

  • Breath Moving - using the imagination to move the breath to different places within the body

  • Relaxation exercises

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